The Building Of The New 
Syracuse Suds Factory


The next stage of construction was to build the Syracuse Suds Factory. We started framing the basement and the first floor.

BsmntFraming1.jpg (39184 bytes)

Floor1RdyBuild.jpg (33418 bytes)

Here the framing has started on the 1st floor. 

Floor1Frame.jpg (48060 bytes)

After the framing was complete dry wall was delivered and was there a lot of drywall.

DrywlDlvrd.jpg (34267 bytes)

During the time we were framing the 1st Floor Nimo was installing a new Electrical service and gas line during the install. 

NimoGasElect.jpg (40342 bytes)

They happened to hit one of their own gas lines and had to evacuate the surrounding buildings and close off the street while the fire dept. came in so Nimo could shut down the leak.

FireDept.jpg (55148 bytes)

NimoCuts.jpg (70085 bytes)

As was stated before the only way up or down in the building was by ladder and a hoist system here is Billy checking out the brick work.

HangAround1.jpg (32564 bytes) 

Here I am doing the same. 

HangAround2.jpg (27052 bytes)

Once the framing was complete it was time for the floors. Here is the start of the brewroom floor. 

StartTile.jpg (29611 bytes)

As the floors were going down the outside of the building was getting a face lift as well.

CleanBldg.jpg (51204 bytes) 

After the tile floors were in place it was time to move.... We moved everything from the bar to the light fixtures. 

MoveBar.jpg (54037 bytes)

MoveLift.jpg (39079 bytes)

After everything was moved it was time to start painting.

PaintSuds.jpg (19165 bytes)

When the painting was finished we started installing all the equipment.

NewBathroom.jpg (26393 bytes)

PlaceBar.jpg (25965 bytes)

NewKitchen.jpg (30487 bytes)

NewBar.jpg (39261 bytes)

As all the items were being installed it was time to open the arched windows.

WindowsOpen1.jpg (60208 bytes)

WindowsOpen2.jpg (53401 bytes)

the final step to the suds factory was the floor.

NewFloor.jpg (31773 bytes)

As the old era ends. A new era begins.

EndEra.jpg (43117 bytes)

NewEra.jpg (28802 bytes)

FinalPlacement.jpg (37621 bytes)

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320 S. Clinton St.
Syracuse, NY 13202
ph (315) 471-AALE [2253]


Syracuse Suds Factory, 2001