The Building Of The New 
Syracuse Suds Factory

In November of 1997 The Neal Hyde Building was purchased by a group of investors at this time they contracted A.J. Suds, Inc. to start a renovation project to this historic building. The Syracuse Suds Factory had been in the same location for 6 years and was now on a month to month lease. The current landlord was not willing to negotiate the rent that was being paid or a new lease. For the previous two and a half years the group that finally bought the Neal and Hyde Building had tried to purchase the Amos building from the current landlord and from the City to no avail. At this time they approached The Syracuse Suds Factory to anchor the new building at 320 S. Clinton; with a good lease, cooperative and responsive landlords, a decision was made to make a move to the heart of the Armory Square. We started work on January 19, 1998.

Demolition was the First phase of the Project

This was the first floor demolition we completely gutted the entire 5 story building in preparation for a New elevator, two Stair towers, A new Electrical Service for the entire building, a new water service, The Syracuse Suds Factory and Future Tenants

The Elevator and the Middle Stair Tower was the First project to start on. We had to jack hammer the the basement concrete up, then dig by hand (pick and shovel) the foundation and elevator pit for the the elevator and stair tower.All the Debris had to removed from the basement hand

We then dug the pit and foundation by hand

All the Dirt had to be removed by Hand

Once the Hole was prepared with rebar (steel reinforcing rods) the foundation was poured

The Next Step is the building of the tower

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320 S. Clinton St.
Syracuse, NY 13202
ph (315) 471-AALE [2253]


Syracuse Suds Factory, 2001