The Building Of The New 
Syracuse Suds Factory

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Building the tower that would house the elevator and one of the two steel stairs on the tower was to be constructed out of cement blocks.

Starting in the basement building on the foundation we poured.

startBlock.jpg (54088 bytes)

Thousands of blocks went into the construction and were loaded onto each of the floors.

Block_onFloor.jpg (18484 bytes)

As the tower was built we had to jack up the floors and cut a hole in each floor to accommodate the tower

CutFloor.jpg (26737 bytes)

1floor_blockTower.jpg (38531 bytes)

Basemnt_elevOpen.jpg (36467 bytes)

The tower continued right thru the roof 

5tfloor_cutout.jpg (25051 bytes)

At the roof we need to remove an old elevator tower that was no longer in use.

roofTower.jpg (40055 bytes)

topelTower.jpg (33515 bytes)

Inside the old elevator house we found the old mechanical wheels to run the elevator which we saved and now rest over the entrance to the Syracuse Suds Factory. 

ElevatorHouseComp.jpg (81188 bytes)

tower_gone.jpg (35263 bytes)

We then cut the roof and built out the tower.

CutRoof.jpg (28414 bytes)

As we finished the tower a new roof was put on.

NewRoof.jpg (65486 bytes)

All the mortar was brought up stairs with a winch that was on the fifth floor.

MortorUp.jpg (24228 bytes)

This shaft was to become the 2nd set of stairs which became quite a problem for the stair fabricators who did not field verify anything especially the the first stair which was new construction. 

lUp_backstair.jpg (17310 bytes)

Upon the completion of the elevator tower.

lDown_newShaft.jpg (22082 bytes)

Dover started to drill for the new hydraulic elevator.

DrillElevator.jpg (35642 bytes)

During all this there were no stairs in the building except leading to the 2nd floor where the Walton street entrance is  all the climbing was done by ladders for about 5 months with no heat.

1floor_oldStair.jpg (36197 bytes)


Please Be Patient I Am Trying to Do This and Run A Restaurant


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320 S. Clinton St.
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Syracuse Suds Factory, 2001